Welcome to The English Culture Library

You are new to England?              Welcome! 

Everyone born in England has immigrant ancestors who came here first on a sailing boat from abroad or more recently by more modern transport! See History.

England is a great country because of these great people. Be one of the greats !

The English Culture Library is for all who are new to English culture, which, of course,includes all young people born here, as well as those who have just arrived from elsewhere.

How do we define young ? Any one whose mind is still youthful enough to be enquiring and flexible enough to appreciate there are still new things to learn.

So native English adults can explore and find a book they have missed so far. Every one of these books is a treasure that is renewed within every receptive reader.

The English Culture Library (formerly The Basic English Library) was founded in 2019

Originally it was intended for you A.Y.B. (Associated Yacht Brokers) members who were new to England to help polish your use of English and introduce you to English traditions and attitudes. This is to put you in a better position to work as a fellow yacht broker in England.

It rapidly became obvious that The Library is perfect for a much wider audience (like many AYB innovations)

It was renamed The English Culture Library and this site created for anyone who wants to improve their understanding of English society and culture.

We are always striving to improve and welcome suggestions, please, visit our facebook page “Like” and share it with everyone you think might benefit. You can message us with your ideas or questions, direct from there.

As a guest it is normal that you will try to understand and fit in with your host
If you are from another country, then you will benefit from a deeper understanding of our society and will be better able to integrate harmoniously. English society will also benefit from increased harmony.
You can expand your consciousness of English ways of thinking and speaking just by reading the free introductory chapters shown for each of these books. If you are stillattending English classes, ask your teacher about which books might be best for you (and ,of course, ask for help with understanding when you need it) *There are many free English classes currently available from local authorities. You can try an online search for one local to you

[You want to become a British Citizen? You need to pass the “Life in the UK test” ]

Start Reading free of charge

Tap the “Books by Date” button and browse the descriptions, Tapping a title will take you to the page for that book, often including a number of editions at varying prices. Look for a version with “Look inside” showing at the top right – like this

Tap that picture and then scroll down to find the first 15 pages of the book that you can read online immediately free of charge.

When you have read that sample and checked Google translate and asked others for enough help to understand it well,

you have at least seven choices.

  1. Feel good about what you have read, take a break from this and go and do something else.
  2. Find another book in the “Books by Date” list
  3. Look to see if there are any free versions offered (there sometimes are) so you can finish the story
  4. pay for a kindle (cheapest paid option) version of the book and carry on reading the book online (“in the cloud”)
  5. Order a hard copy for yourself, a family member, or a friend (Scientific research has shown that a child’s reading ability tends to be in direct proportion to the number of books in their bedroom)
  6. Join the scheme that offers unlimited kindle books for £8 a month and immediately download a copy of every book on the list.
  7. Visit our facebook page “Like” and share it with everyone you think might benefit.

You can get an APP for a phone that enables you to read “Kindle” books you have downloaded from the internet. Or you can choose to read your kindle book online (“in the cloud”) immediately.

We sincerely hope that you will find this library enjoyable and helpful.

With all best wishes to you as a fellow English person


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