The English: A Social History, 1066–1945

By Christopher Hibbert

This is included incase you become fascinated by English history as well as the cuktures, it records the daily life of the English people from the time of the Norman Conquest to just after the second world war. Based on diaries, letters, memoirs, official reports, the works of modern social historians and the literature of every period, it traces the development of English society over 900 years. The chapters range over life in the castles, palaces and monasteries, in the homes of rich merchants and in the hovels of peasants, describing the work and play of the inhabitants, their clothes, food and possesions, their servants and animals, their pleasures and suffering, their beliefs and attitudes, their schools, fairs, shops and markets, hospitals and prisons, theatres and churches, farms and factories, taverns and brothels covering every aspect of medieval and modern life.